Car Insurance 101: What To Do In A Hit-And-Run Accident

June 1, 2022

Traffic accidents are traumatizing, affecting people in more ways than imaginable. Making intelligent decisions and navigating stressful situations can be challenging, especially when experiencing a hit-and-run collision. Understanding how to handle such auto accidents right is the key to ensuring that you and your vehicle are sufficiently protected.

What To Do In The Event Of A Hit-And-Run?

Regardless of who has caused the accident, rule number one is that all involved parties must stay on the scene after an accident. It is crucial to learn how to report a hit and run to the police and ensure that your insurance company is informed about the accident. If you have fallen victim to the hit-and-run, consider following these general guidelines regardless of how overwhelming the situation gets.

  1. Information is of the essence. Do your best to collect as much information as you can while remaining on the scene. In this case, memorizing and writing down such details as the license plate, the car model, its color, and any other distinctive features is paramount.
  2. Make every effort to identify the exact time, location, and circumstances of the accident.
  3. Find the witnesses (if any) and get their contact information right away.
  4. Determine the specific or rough direction the other vehicle was headed.
  5. Take pictures of your automobile or a motor vehicle and the accident scene.
  6. Contact the police or 911 to report a crime since informing them about what happened within 24 hours is crucial. Naturally, the role of a police report should not be underestimated. With its help, you will not be considered an at-fault party at a later stage.
  7. Contact your insurance company or your agent and make an insurance claim. While it might take a lot of your time, staying patient and providing as much information as possible about the accident is crucial.

Can Your Insurance Cover A Hit-And-Run?

Such accidents and associated damage to the vehicle often fall under the collision policy coverage. While it is an optional policy, most insured drivers choose to add it or buy it as a part of a bundle offer provided by the car insurance carriers. If you do not have a collision policy, there is no chance that the insurance company will agree to cover the repair.

If your policy covers such accidents, your insurance company might even assist with looking for a rental car and towing the damaged one. What is more, if you can identify or find the driver, and the driver will happen to be insured, you can use his information to file a claim with his insurance company. While a hit-and-run claim should not affect your premiums, multiple claims can. Therefore, do your best to avoid such accidents at any cost.

The Bottom Line

Being uninsured, especially in hit-and-run circumstances, is not an option. Having minimum auto insurance can come in handy and offer you the essential protection and coverage. Taking out car insurance online is crucial to avoid being held financially accountable for all the expenses and repairs.

To ensure that you have minimum coverage, consider requesting insurance coverage quotes and using professional insurance comparison tools. This way, you can choose an affordable and suitable policy offering everything you need to be protected from irresponsible drivers.

Victoria Berezhetska

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