Does Car Insurance Cover Battery Replacement?

July 9, 2024

A standard car battery costs $200 to $400, a hefty sum to spend when the battery breaks or runs out of steam and you need to replace it. With electric vehicles, the replacement cost can account for up to 50% of the vehicle’s price.

This is why these questions arise:

  • Does car insurance cover battery replacement?
  • Under what conditions can you expect compensation?
  • What amounts of reimbursement are available to you?

Read on to learn everything you need to know about car insurance and battery replacement.

Does Insurance Cover Battery Replacement?

Insurance covers battery replacement if you are involved in an accident where the primary damage is to the part of the car where the battery is installed. However, if the accident is caused by you, with rare exceptions, you won’t receive compensation.

For example, if you’re driving through an intersection on a green light and another vehicle crashes into your left front fender, the battery may suffer mechanical damage, deform, leak, or possibly catch fire. If the other driver has an insurance policy, their coverage will likely be sufficient to compensate for the repairs, including battery replacement.

Another case is battery theft. This applies only to standard or hybrid batteries, as removing a battery from an electric vehicle usually requires removing the car as well. The appropriateness of compensation depends on the type of battery, so each case will be discussed further down the page.

Car mechanic is checking the car's battery

Does My Car Insurance Cover Battery Replacement for Hybrid Vehicles?

Whether car insurance for hybrid vehicles covers battery replacement depends on the circumstances of the case. For example, wear and tear is not covered, whereas damage from an accident is generally covered.

The situation with accidents is similar to the previously described scenario, but with theft, there are nuances. For example, if the battery cost for your vehicle exceeds the deductible (often more than $1000), a compensation claim is justified. If the amount is equivalent to the deductible, it’s better not to involve the insurer for the replacement.

Abusing the compensation claim is a bad idea because each registered claim lowers your reliability index, which in turn raises both the cost of your policy and the deductible you’ll have to pay to get compensation for future claims.

Does Car Insurance Cover Battery Replacement for EV Vehicles?

More often than not (but not always), auto insurance covers battery replacement for EV vehicles. However, if your battery reaches the end of its lifespan or stops working without visible damage, its replacement is considered a routine expense and is not covered by the policy.

However, in the case of damage or theft (along with the vehicle), you may be eligible for reimbursement. Since the cost of the battery alone can reach up to $20,000, it’s unlikely that you will receive the full amount, especially if the at-fault party doesn’t have enough coverage.

Car insurance battery replacement also requires paying a deductible, so it’s advisable to only seek compensation when the cost of the battery significantly exceeds the deductible. Otherwise, you might just break even and worsen your insurance rating.

Does Roadside Assistance Cover Car Battery Replacement?

If the issue is a malfunctioning battery, roadside assistance will not cover car battery replacement. However, if the battery was stolen or damaged due to an incident, the costs of purchasing a new battery will be reimbursed.

But then again, keep in mind the deductible. If, for example, the price of a new battery for conventional vehicles (including replacement) is $500, while the deductible is $1000, requesting a replacement is economically unfeasible.

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Should I File a Claim for Battery Replacement?

For electric vehicles (EVs), it is advisable to file a claim for compensation if the battery was damaged due to an accident or if the vehicle was stolen. Even after paying the deductible, you may still benefit financially and recover your losses.

For hybrids, it’s important to compare the battery cost with the deductible. If they are almost equal, you should avoid filing a claim.

For conventional vehicles, do not file a claim for a stolen battery. However, if you are involved in a major accident and the damage is significant, you may receive substantial compensation for the repair or replacement of the vehicle after paying the deductible.

Does Car Insurance Cover a Dead Battery?

Most insurance policies do not cover the cost of battery replacement because it is considered a consumable item, like tires, oil, fuel, seals, etc. Exceptions include damage due to an accident or theft of both the battery and the vehicle.

Even for EVs, where the battery serves as a platform, insurance does not cover battery wear and tear. Some insurers might theoretically include such cases in their policies, but these instances are extremely rare.

Considering the cost of standard batteries for conventional vehicles, replacing them through insurance is not cost-effective. The same applies to hybrids. The situation is somewhat better for EVs, but still does not provide coverage for battery capacity loss. The only exceptions are damage from accidents and theft.

Last but not least, if you stage battery damage, you will likely be caught and face penalties, harming your reputation and insurance history.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Does insurance cover Tesla battery replacement?

Yes, but only if the battery was damaged due to an accident, vandalism, or other external factors (for example, if a moose kicked your car while it was parked on the roadside, breaking the battery block).

Does car insurance cover hybrid battery replacement?

Only if the battery has physical damage from an accident and less commonly from adverse environmental effects (for instance, if your vehicle was caught in a hailstorm, tornado, or severe storm and sustained significant damage).

What is the lifespan of a car battery?

This battery lifespan depends on the manufacturer, assembly technology, internal composition, maintenance, time, and intensity of use. 
Cheap batteries may last up to 5 years without significant capacity loss, while high-end batteries have a lifespan of around 10 years. However, no battery is invulnerable to manufacturing defects or external factors such as weather and temperature conditions.

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