How To Get Auto Insurance Quotes Fast: Best Practices

September 19, 2023

Some of the best advice we can give you is to compare quick car insurance quotes before committing to an insurance company. Prices substantially differ among companies, so time spent analyzing cheap, quick auto insurance quotes can pay off.

A car insurance quote is an estimated price of your insurance policy; by including all the right information and not hiding any details, you can even get an accurate price. Each company has its formula that calculates your insurance quote, so no two companies’ prices will match.

In this guide, we’ll show exactly what information you need to fill out a fast insurance quote. We’ll provide some tips to bring down the price, tell you how to get auto insurance online now, compare prices of insurance quotes, and talk about other important moments when analyzing quick, cheap auto insurance quotes.

How To Easily Get Auto Insurance Quotes: Process Explained

If you are looking for a quick car insurance quote but not sure where to start, you should check out our top tips about car insurance. If you are looking for fast insurance, then you are probably in a hurry and don’t want this process to take too long. That requires preparation that would allow you to easily obtain quick auto insurance quotes!

Before you get started, make sure you have the following information prepared, including:

  • Personal information: name, last name, date of birth, driver’s license number, living situation, marital status, etc.
  • Vehicle information: vehicle identification number (VIN), mileage of the car, date of purchase of the vehicle, name of the registered owner, vehicle, year, make, and model.
  • Insurance policy information: name, birth date, and driver’s license numbers of all members listed on the policy, information about current insurance policy, coverage limits, and expiration.
  • Other details: driving violations, accidents, or claims in the past few years, how the vehicle is used, where it’s parked, and your usual driving route and distance.

After filling out this information, you’ll receive the quote. You usually don’t have to commit to it right away. The quote can be saved online; you can do more research and return to the website anytime.

If you are happy with the quick auto insurance quote, you can contact the company and start signing your policy. The company will need to verify all the information included in the quote and if found any misrepresented information your price rate might vary. You’ll receive further directions to finalize the process if all information is correct.

Key Tips for Cutting Down Your Shopping Time for Auto Insurance

Auto insurance prices don’t run cheap, but they also don’t have to be as expensive as most companies say. Knowing some key tips is the secret to lowering your car insurance quote price. With the help of the following tips and your initiative, you can earn yourself a substantial discount on quick auto insurance quotes.

  • Analyze available insurance quotes before car purchase. If you haven’t purchased a car yet or are planning to change your exciting one, analyze insurance quote prices before deciding on a car. Two very similar cars can have different quote prices. A recent study discovered that the cheapest cars to insure are the Subaru Outback, Forester, and Honda CR-V.
  • Work on your credit score. Building good credit can be tough, but it carries many benefits, not only in car insurance rates. Drivers with poor credit scores can receive pricier insurance quotes than high-risk drivers with good credit scores.
  • Bundle insurance. You can get great discounts by bundling all your insurance policies to one company. Check with your insurance company what kind of discounts they can offer if you insure your house, cars, health, condos, RVs, boats, and other objects with them.
  • Consider discount programs. Insurance companies might not always tell you, but most have discount programs that they should present to you by request. These programs vary from policyholders and good students to plenty of other low-risk groups.
  • Driving courses. The National Safety Council has compiled enough data to show that individuals who completed defensive driving courses have a much lower risk of being involved in fatal car accidents. Car insurance companies are fond of such official driving courses and are happy to auto insurance quote discounts to such drivers.

Where To Get Auto Insurance Quotes Now

Even though everyone is used to hearing about online forms that produce fast auto insurance quotes, there are many other ways to get a quote fast. Choose the best method for you and get the insurance quote now!

Online Forms and Phone Calls

Online forms are the most popular way to get quick auto insurance quotes because they are quick and convenient. In fact, most consumers prefer filling out forms online. All you need to do is fill out a simple form at any time of day, without a rush so you can eagerly think about all questions.

There are different kinds of forms, one you fill out and receive a quote right away and others where you get assigned an agent to finalize the quote over the phone. The agent can ask extra questions and consult you on their insurance quotes.

Captive Insurance Agents

Get tailored and fast auto insurance quotes from captive insurance agents. Each company has its agent, so you can only get insurance quotes from them about a specific company.

These agents are great for handling complex insurance situations. For instance, if you have problems filling out the form or you have multiple cars, they will navigate your situation. Agents are interested in finding you the best quotes because if you buy a policy from that company, they get a percentage of your premium.

Independent Insurance Agents

Independent agents have the same role in guiding you through numerous fast auto insurance quotes. However, they are not fixed with one specific company; they can guide you through multiple companies. That is a great option if you want to expand beyond one company and avoid contacting multiple company agents, providing the same information each time. However, these agents do disclose a broker fee and might add commission rates to customers.

Comparison Websites

If you prefer online forms, there is another great option for you. Instead of filling out forms on each company’s website, you can fill out a compromised form on a comparison website. This method is helpful when you know exactly what you need and what coverage you want, and then you can compare several companies’ car insurance fast from one website.

High-Risk Agencies

Drivers in complex situations with a troubled history like a DUI, speeding tickets, or multiple accidents can usually get a consult from company agents. Such cases require agencies who specialize in quotes for high-risk drivers. Agencies search for companies willing to present auto insurance quotes for high-risk drivers and delegate with them about further steps.

The Main Factors That Affect Fast Auto Insurance Quotes


Source: Williamson Source

Each car insurance quote is calculated individually for each person. These companies use many factors other than just the car’s model and age. By learning the following factors, you can better understand how to calculate your car insurance quote price.

Driving Record

A history of traffic violations will raise your car insurance quote rates. A person with many accidents, speeding tickets, and DUIs might even have trouble finding a company to present a fast car insurance quote. In such cases, these people need to contact high-risk driver agencies, which will help with the search for an insurance quote.

Personal Characteristics


Source: Statista

Car insurance companies use a lot of statistics about certain demographics when deciding on insurance quote rates. They analyze your age, gender, marital status, education levels, etc. Teens and young drivers have more expensive auto insurance quotes due to their lack of experience and riskier driving.

A study in New Zealand found that single drivers are two times more likely to get into accidents than married ones, so having a spouse will substantially decrease the price of your insurance quote.

History of Claims

An auto insurance company will review your experience with other insurance companies. Based on a study conducted by the Consumer Federation of America, if your previous insurer company was nonstandard and specialized in high-risk drivers, the new insurance company will give you a higher quote.

Conversely, if you had a great experience with previous insurers, paid your bills on time, and didn’t cause trouble, your new insurance company will give you a cheap auto insurance quote.


the zebra

Source: Study by The Zebra

Your state’s population, locations where you park your car, and your usual driving route affect the coverage cost of your insurance quote. Car density, crash rates, and vandalism in your neighborhood are all substantial factors that insurance companies look after. Other factors often include fires, floods, hurricanes, etc.

Choose the Best Coverage With Fast Auto Insurance Quotes

Besides including personal information and vehicle details, when searching for fast auto insurance quotes, you need to have an idea of what kind of insurance you want. Here are the main coverage types you can usually choose from

  • Liability insurance: This is the minimum insurance coverage most states require. Liability insurance does not cover any damage to your car. It only pays for others in accidents you cause, including car damage and injuries.

  • Collision insurance: This insurance takes care of the damage done to the car regardless of whose fault it is. It pays if you hit a car, tree, pole, etc.

  • Comprehensive insurance: This insurance pays for damage done to the car that is not related to accidents, for example, if the car was stolen, flooded, set on fire, or vandalized.

  • Uninsured motorist insurance: If you get injured by a driver without liability insurance, this insurance will cover your medical bills and sometimes even car damage.

  • Personal injury protection and medical payments coverage: PIP and MedPay cover all medical bills for you and your passengers, no matter whose fault the accident was.

  • Rental reimbursement insurance: If your car is getting fixed due to an accident covered by the policy, this insurance will help pay for a rental car when you can’t drive your car.

Quickly Compare Auto Insurance Rates: Find the Best Quotes Now

As we have already discussed, fast car insurance quotes vary widely from one person to another because of the boundless factors involved. According to estimates, the average 34-year-old driver who isn’t categorized as high-risk pays about $1,732 per year for car insurance.

Of course, we do not know your history, car, location, and driving record. Still, we have collected some information about average good drivers in their 30s to give you an example of insurance costs and compare insurance quotes of various companies.

Driver Profile Full Coverage Minimum Coverage
Good driver, good credit $2,148 $685
Good driver, poor credit $3,455 $1,118
One at-fault accident, good credit $3,164 $1,044
One speeding ticket, good credit $2,693 $868
Recent DUI, good credit $3,933 $1,403

Now that we have looked at different scenarios and how they include the price of car insurance quotes, let’s look at average insurance quotes by company. These rates apply to 35-year-old drivers with good credit scores and appropriate driving habits.

Auto Insurance Company Monthly Cost Estimate Annual Cost Estimate
USAA $88 $1,054
Nationwide $107 $1,281
Geico $109 $1,308
State Farm $123 $1,481
Progressive $134 $1,611
Travelers $139 $1,669
Allstate $174 $2,088
Farmers $178 $2,140

Source: MarketWatch

Frequently Asked Questions

How quickly can I get car insurance quote?

Every company requires its own set of data to construct a fast car insurance quote. Nevertheless, their lists have many of the same information requirements. They require personal information like name, contacts, driver’s license numbers, address, etc.

Other than these standard questions, including information about the vehicle, like the VIN, car mileage, model, etc., insurance companies might ask you about your driving history, your usual driving route, and other similar details.

Can I drive a car I just bought without insurance?

Driving a car you bought without insurance under any circumstances, at any distance, or at any time is illegal. Moreover, car dealerships in the US would not allow this if you don’t provide any evidence that you have insurance. It’s great that top insurance companies make it easy to get a one-day car insurance quote offline or online.

I need car insurance now. What should I do?

When you need same-day car insurance, it’s not a problem. You can quickly call up an agent or contact the insurance company that offers the solution that suits your circumstances the most.

The insurance won’t take effect unless you make the first payment. And if you do, you can get your car insurance which will take effect the same day. This is especially convenient if you just bought your car and want to pick it up yourself from the dealership.

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