How To Get Auto Insurance Quotes at Coverexplore: Step-by-Step

April 16, 2024

Receiving an auto insurance quote at is quite simple; all you need is to complete this form:

auto insurance form step 1

The first step—Drivers—starts with entering your driver’s information: date of birth and ZIP code to help us choose the most relevant auto insurance options for your location (some insurers may provide discounts for drivers from certain states, so make sure to fill out the ZIP code correctly).

Next, we will collect your personal details, such as your phone number, address, first and last name, gender, marital status, residence status, email, and more.

Once done, you will pass to the Incidents section:

auto insurance form step 2

Here, we will ask you about your history of incidents. If you didn’t have any incidents, just click “No” and pass to the next section. If you’ve had incidents during the last 3 years, fill out the incident details and proceed further to the Vehicles section:

auto insurance form step 3

In the Vehicles section, provide your basic car information, such as year, make, model, trim, whether you own/finance/lease your vehicle, and how you use and store it (private garage, carport, driveway, etc.).

Finally, you’ve got to the final Coverage section:

auto insurance form step 4

Complete the three “Yes” or “No” questions to get your quote:

auto insurance form completion

Voila, you’ve just gotten your best car insurance quote.

How To Get Auto Insurance Quotes at Coverexplore: Step-by-Step 6

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