Motorcycle & Scooter Insurances: Key Points

November 7, 2023

Motorcycle insurance is meant to shield owners and their motor transport from unexpected losses and associated material risks. Different policies are intended to compensate for theft, damage to motor transport or other vehicles, and medical costs.

Riders can purchase multiple add-ons to safeguard the motorbike accessories, ensure towing handling, and compensation for physical harm. The cost depends on the applicant’s age, driving background, state the applicant resides in, type of motor transport, annual mileage, and other factors. Whether you are a bike enthusiast, racer, antique lover, or dream chaser, you need to care for your vehicle.


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If you are still shopping around for a perfect motorbike, you need to consider the available bike insurance options. Getting your vehicle insured can help you enjoy any road trips you are planning to make. Besides, it is a sure way to protect your motorbike and ensure your financial security. If you are looking for the right cover, we will guide you through all the essential information on bike insurance and its peculiarities.

How Classic Motorcycle Insurance Works

It is no secret that parallels are often drawn between car insurance and motorcycle insurance. The latter is required by most states and can include different add-ons helping to safeguard your ride. Liability cover is a universal requirement. For instance, Florida citizens do not need to provide proof of motorbike insurance, but they have to obtain liability coverages.

Why is that? Motorbikes are considered dangerous transport. They often cause accidents and injuries. As a driver, you have specific responsibilities. And while the regulations differ from state to state, you need to make sure that you, your passengers, and other drivers are safe. Generally, motorcycle insurance includes damage and bodily harm liabilities.

Apart from that, there are multiple optional coverages. Your insurance provider can offer a long list of options. But your final choice will depend on the model of your bike, its worth, your requirements, and your driving and claim history. When shopping for insurance, keep in mind that it is crucial to check the motorbike insurance groups and a breakdown by model and type. Its price also depends on the number (ranges from 1 to 17).

The higher the number, the higher the insurance price. That is why thinking about the insurance cost is sensible before picking any Ducati, Yamaha, Suzuki, Honda, BMW, Kawasaki, or Harley-Davidson model.

What Classic Motorcycle Insurance Covers

Naturally, having active coverage can benefit any motorbike driver (whether he had an experience of causing an accident or not) or car owner on the road. Various factors can influence the state of your transport. And that is why you need to choose the most appropriate coverage for you. If you have ever shopped around for insurance for cars, you will notice the resemblance. Here are some options you can choose from:

  • Accessories Coverage for Bikes. But bear in mind that you need to obtain comprehensive or collision coverage to have it. For instance, if you want to safeguard your helmet, collision coverage would suffice.

  • Bodily Harm Coverage. You cannot be sure that you will never cause any damage or injury. That is why it is crucial to obtain the proper liability coverage for any owner of motor transport.

  • Collision Coverage. Like the bodily harm option, it can help you deal with any accident-related damages. Only in this case, it is all about your or other person’s motor transport.

  • Physical Damage Coverage. This option covers any damage that results from vandalism, theft, fire, etc.

  • Injury Protection and Medical Coverage. You can include this option in your insurance application if your financial situation does not allow you to take care of your or your passenger’s medical expenses. Alternatively, you can have it covered by your health insurance policy.

  • Towing Coverage. This option covers towing, just starting, and other related services.

  • Uninsured Motorist Coverage. This coverage option can come in handy if you get into an accident but do not cause it. For instance, if you get injured in an accident caused by an uninsured motorist, it will cover the care required for the injuries.


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How Much Does Bike Insurance Cost?

Generally, the price formed by the insurer is based on several factors, including the following:

  • Age of the applicant

  • Your driving record

  • Your place of residence

  • Type of motor transport you own like a cruiser, scooter, dirtbike, etc.

  • The age of the motor transport

  • Its annual mileage

  • Your storage space

The location, however, remains the most critical factor. The average annual insurance cost in the U.S. is around $702, but it depends heavily on the state. Besides, bear in mind that an insurer will pay a lot of attention to your age because statistically, younger riders tend to take more risks and be less cautious.


Motorcycle & Scooter Insurance Frequently Asked Questions

There are a lot of questions regarding the application and insurance peculiarities for motorcyclists. That is why we bring you the most frequently asked questions about the topic.

Does Motorcycle Insurance Cover Medical Expenses?

There is a dedicated policy that can cover medical bills. However, if you have current health insurance coverage, it can absorb the costs. Bear in mind that you do not need to overpay to get appropriate protection.

Does Motorcycle Insurance Cover Theft?

It can cover theft if it is listed as a qualifying event on your policy. For instance, a comprehensive policy typically covers it.

Can You Get Motorcycle Insurance Without a License?

It is not possible, regardless of your residence. You are required to have a valid license at all times.

Is Motorcycle Insurance Cheaper Than Car Insurance?

Naturally, it depends on the value of your transport. But generally, it is cheaper due to the lower replacement and repair costs.

Is Motorcycle Insurance Required in Washington State?

The state residents are not required to have a policy. However, having active coverage is strongly advised to protect riders and other traveling individuals.

Do You Need Motorcycle Insurance in Florida?

No, you do not need it in Florida. However, it is sensible to purchase it if you want to safeguard yourself and your two-wheeler.

Is Motorcycle Insurance Expensive?

Since it is high-risk transport, the insurance can be expensive. As mentioned before, the price is determined by several factors.

Can a Teen Ride a Scooter or Motorbike?

Teens younger than 16 years old cannot legally drive motor transport except the ones with a learner permit.

What Is a Motorcycle CBT?

It is the core training any rider requires. While it is often argued that the A1 motorcycle license offers more value, CBT can help you receive the relevant training and skills to ensure your safety on the move.

Can I Ride Abroad With the Motorbike Insurance Purchased in the United States?

It depends on the country you plan on moving to or visiting. To make sure the destination country allows using your local insurance, contact the carrier.

Can It Cover Wheel Damage?

Wheel damage and flat tires are not typically included in the bike or scooter policies.

Does It Cover Me to Ride Other Motorcycles?

If you have a comprehensive policy, it can cover you. However, it depends on the terms indicated in it. Read the documents carefully to make sure that all of your requirements and needs are considered and met.

Can It Cover Me for Additional Passengers?

It most definitely can if you have dedicated coverage. In this case, it is liability insurance. It guarantees the protection of any passengers riding with you, whether you fancy driving cruisers or scooters.

What Are the Extras to the Insurance Policy?

The variety of available extras depends on the carrier. Naturally, there are many standard offers like protection of custom parts and equipment, towing assistance, or coverage of trip termination.

How Many Levels of Motorcycle Insurance Are There?

There are the basic four levels of protection any motor transport owner should consider. They include comprehensive, liability, collision, and uninsured motorist types. Besides the basic options, carriers can offer multiple add-ons to satisfy a scooter or a dirtbike owner.

What Affects the Cost of Scooters and Bikes Insurance?

The factors forming the price of scooter insurance and moped insurance are generally the same. Since it is a lot like any other motor transport, the factors remain similar. It matters where you live, how old your motor transport is, how much it costs, how you store it, and so on. Naturally, the coverage you select also can significantly change your premiums. If you have a poor driving history, you should expect the price of scooter insurance (or moped insurance) to skyrocket. It is no secret that riders have to exercise caution and responsibility. That is why a bad driving history can negatively affect all future claims, pushing a provider to reject it.


How Much Is Moped Insurance?

The moped owners are typically required to have bodily harm and damage liability coverage. However, it is not treated the same way as a motorcycle in individual states. So, the rules and requirements differ from state to state. The cost of moped insurance has a lot in common with the scooter insurance cost. Its basic coverage is around $312 a year. However, the add-ons can increase the annual cost up to $2,000.



Personal motor-scooter insurance is designed to minimize your losses and cover them financially. However, sufficient and affordable coverage is often confused with cheap insurance options. While scooter insurance companies offer sustainable risk management services, it is crucial to consider every provider and independent agency before buying an insurance policy online.

How Much Is Moped Insurance?

The moped owners are typically required to have bodily harm and damage liability coverage. However, it is not treated the same way as a motorcycle in individual states. So, the rules and requirements differ from state to state. The cost of moped insurance has a lot in common with the scooter insurance cost. Its basic coverage is around $312 a year. However, the add-ons can increase the annual cost up to $2,000.

Do Motorcycles Need Insurance?

Yes, they do. In most cases, it is illegal to drive without it. And even if you are allowed to do that, you need to weigh up the risks of not having insurance. If you are looking for the right policy, try researching, contacting the provider, and requesting a bike insurance quote.

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