Nissan Murano Insurance Cost

September 20, 2023

Nissan Murano is a full-sized 5-door SUV in the “K3” class, built on the same platform as the third-generation Nissan Altima. The car was introduced to the public in the fall of 2002.

In 2010, the Nissan Murano CrossCabriolet was showcased at the Los Angeles Auto Show, and in 2014, the Nissan Murano Hybrid debuted.

The model stands out with its dynamic characteristics and distinctive design. It has a large base, short and rounded front, and rear ends, and a sharply inclined windshield, all sitting on impressive 18-inch wheels. In short, it’s a harmonious blend of a sporty wagon and an SUV, exuding power and capturing the attention of those around it.

How To Calculate the Cost of Nissan Murano CrossCabriolet Car Insurance

The cost will vary as it is influenced by the following:

  • The chosen insurance company
  • The mileage and year of the car’s manufacture
  • The driver’s age
  • Driver’s driving experience
  • Credit history
  • State of registration/residence

Another factor is the type of insurance policy. A minimum policy will be significantly cheaper, but such Nissan Murano insurance doesn’t guarantee full compensation for damages.

Average Cost of Nissan Murano Car Insurance by Production Year

Check out the moderate price by year in the table below:

Production YearAverage Annual Insurance Rate

From this data, it’s evident that the cost of the insurance policy is directly related to the year of the car’s manufacture. This is because new cars and the services to repair them are much more expensive.

To find out the cost of Nissan Murano Hybrid car insurance, you can do it in just a few clicks. Simply fill out the special online form and submit your application.

Our specialists will find the best coverage options for you, considering your needs and budget.

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