Nissan Versa Insurance Cost

April 11, 2024

If you dream of a premium-quality car at a budget-friendly price, then the Nissan Versa is the perfect fit.

You won’t find innovations or technologies in this car that are present in cars of a higher class. However, these reliable vehicles fit perfectly into urban traffic and rural environments.

The sedans are equipped with either a manual or automatic transmission (depending on the model), a 1.6L engine, intelligent braking systems, and driving assistance features. There are four options: S (manual) and S (automatic), SV, and SR. The top models come with design enhancements and advanced electronics. Whether they are worth the extra cost is entirely up to you to decide.

Nissan Versa Car Insurance: Key Factors Affecting The Price

To find out Nissan Versa insurance costs, you need to consider several key factors, including:

  • Driver’s experience, accident history, and age
  • Insurance conditions offered by your company
  • The region where the vehicle owner resides
  • The vehicle’s condition and year of production
  • The type of policy you are ordering

Note that the minimum insurance coverage only covers a small portion of potential risks. To avoid problems with claim reimbursements, consider choosing an individual or comprehensive Nissan Versa Note car insurance policy.

Nissan Versa Insurance Cost: The Years Make The Difference

Similar to other vehicles, this model follows a similar evaluation system, namely:

Production Year Average Annual Insurance Rate
2022 $1,546
2021 $1,529
2020 $1,475
2019 $1,477
2018 $1,453
2017 $1,394
2016 $1,392
2015 $1,363
2014 $1,306
2013 $1,306
2012 $1,279
2011 $1,234
2010 $1,245
2009 $1,229

As you can see, there is a linear relationship correlation between the age of the car and the cost of the policy. Please note: the table shows average values considering all age groups and regions of the United States. The price will be much higher for beginners and students, especially in states such as New York.

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