Nissan Xterra Insurance Cost

April 11, 2024

The legendary SUV conquered numerous peaks and off-road trails. The Nissan Xterra is an icon among all-wheel-drive vehicles, navigating the most challenging terrains effortlessly.

With its 4.0-liter, six-cylinder engine generating 265 horsepower, this SUV provides incredible power reserves, making it capable of conquering any distance and height without the slightest discomfort. It easily covers great distances, maneuvering gracefully and accompanied by a soothing musical accompaniment. Several transmission variations are available: a 6-speed manual and a 5-speed automatic.

Unfortunately, the history of this vehicle came to an end in 2015. However, we hope to see its reincarnation in the not-too-distant future. Nevertheless, even in 2023, plenty of these vehicles are available on the secondary market. If you plan to buy one, it’s essential to think about insuring it.

Nissan Xterra Car Insurance: How To Budget?

The cost of the policy depends on the traditional set of factors, including:

  • The year of the car’s production and its technical condition
  • The age and driving history of the owner, the number of drivers in the family
  • The region where the vehicle is registered
  • The insurance provider’s terms
  • The type and comprehensiveness of the policy

If you plan to use your Xterra to the fullest, ensure its protection and choose the maximum insurance package. The minimum package does not cover a significant portion of the potential risks associated with off-road driving. Therefore, cost-cutting might not be the best choice for an SUV owner.

Nissan Xterra Insurance Cost: The Older, the Cheaper, and Vice Versa

Let’s take a look at the average policy cost calculations for this car model:

Production Year Average Annual Insurance Rate
2015 $1,112
2014 $1,092
2013 $1,072
2012 $1,040
2011 $1,010
2010 $994

Please note that the table displays prices for the current model range. However, there are still cars manufactured before 2010, and the insurance rates for those vehicles depend on various factors. Therefore, if you plan to purchase a vehicle that mainstream providers don’t list, make sure to inquire about its insurability in advance.

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