Practical Manual to Finding the Best Car Insurance Company

September 8, 2021

Today, it can be challenging to make an objective decision with multiple auto insurance ratings at your disposal. When choosing insurance online, potential policyholders tend to look for financially sound providers with affordable coverages and value-added services. Professional insurance comparison is a perfect choice if you want to use a comprehensive approach to selecting the best insurance provider on the market.

Which Car Insurance Is the Best?

The process of shopping for car insurance and identifying the most suitable coverage requires more than your time and devotion to the comparison of prices. In fact, it is crucial to consider such factors as claim satisfaction rates and the quality of client support. Understanding and assessing all of the aspects can help you pinpoint the most suitable insurance options that might turn out to be sufficient for you. 

Sorting through available coverage options can be very much like looking for a reliable vehicle. Before making a final choice, you often have to narrow down the list to several cars, weigh all the pros and cons, and take a test drive. While there are no test drives when it comes to insurance, you can still make sure that your ride is smooth.

Figuring Out Which Company Is the Right Fit

Finding the hidden gem that fits all of your needs cannot be easy, but it is manageable. If you pay attention to the insurance ads, you know that all of them promise excellent service, significant savings, and the best conditions. Naturally, what is best for you can be questionable for another person, and that is why it is crucial to compile the available data and compare the performance of all the best insurance companies on the market. As mentioned before, looking beyond the budget is a safe way to go. In other words, consider getting referrals from your friends or family members, interact with the companies from the top of your list, and trust your gut feeling in the process.

The List of Top Car Insurance Companies

To help you evaluate and pick one of the best car insurance companies down the line, we prepared a shortlist with general information on coverage levels, claim satisfaction, as well as upsides and downsides to using each of the providers. 

Please be advised that the overall claim satisfaction rates are solely based on the J.D. Power 2020 U.S. Auto Claims Satisfactory Study. And every individual satisfaction rate corresponds to the index value on the 1,000-point scale.


The company is well-known for its excellent client service and competitive prices. Besides, it takes pride in reaching the 980 claim satisfaction rate, primarily due to the simple and convenient procedure of filing claims. However, it is important to mention that there are specific eligibility requirements when it comes to buying their policy. In a nutshell, only potential clients with military affiliations, as well as active or retired veterans, and their family members, are considered eligible to take out the policy offered by this insurance carrier. Besides, depending on the character of discharge, separated military veterans can also qualify for insurance.

Main Advantages:

  • High claim satisfaction index
  • The best price offers across various coverage levels
  • Minimal premium rates for young drivers 

Main Disadvantages:

  • Eligibility requirements severely limit the access to insurance offers of this carrier

State Farm

The claim satisfaction rate of the company is 881. Apart from offering auto insurance, this provider takes pride in the wide variety of its insurance policies and investment opportunities available to its clients. One of the main pros of their insurance products is the ability of policyholders to get a bundle offer regardless of the insurance type. Besides, it is highly valued by the clients, mainly drivers, who prefer to communicate with dedicated agents instead of dealing with any of the issues or requests online. 

Main Advantages:

  • Available both offline and online regardless of the region
  • Pretty high claim satisfaction index
  • A broad spectrum of insurance options and bundle offers

Main Disadvantages:

  • Average and mostly not competitive rates
  • No discounts available for military or senior citizens
  • A limited number of specialized coverage offers


Apart from competitive rates and a reasonable claim satisfaction index of 871, this insurance carrier typically has the highest financial ratings. Given that the company keeps the claim filing procedure very straightforward, it remains one of the most commonly known and respected carriers across the country. 

Main Advantages:

  • Appealing pricing offers for drivers, especially for clients looking for the minimum liability coverage required by state
  • Well above average claim satisfaction rate

Main Disadvantages:

  • A substantial number of complaints from clients


According to the claim satisfaction index survey, this insurance provider remains one of the top companies with the 876 rate. It is available in all the U.S. states and is widely known for its excellent client service. Even though it remains a typical choice for the drivers preferring one-on-one communication with agents, the company offers high-quality online support.

Main Advantages:

  • Available nationwide with branch offices in all states
  • Multiple discounts including offers for teen drivers
  • Handy online tools

Main Disadvantages:

  • Coverages typically have 6-month limits
  • Somewhat higher rates


One of many upsides to buying this carrier’s policy is the fact that it offers significantly lower rates to clients with poor credits. Probably, that is one of the reasons it managed to gain a fairly high overall claim satisfaction index – 876. Besides, it is known for a broad range of standard offers and decent optional coverages.

Main Advantages:

  • A low number of complaints from clients
  • Low rates and competitive prices for drivers

Main Disadvantages:

  • High rates for teen drivers
  • No discount offers for senior citizens


With a below average claim satisfaction rate of 856, this provider remains a go-to option when it comes to top coverage offers for drivers. Besides, it provides handy online tools simplifying multiple tasks for potential clients, especially if they are looking for policies in a particular price range. What is more, this carrier has a specific app developed for high-risk drivers. The app is used for monitoring their driving patterns and rewarding them with various discounts if they drive carefully.

Main Advantages:

Main Disadvantages:

  • Lower than average claim satisfaction rate
  • Higher than average rates

Smart Approach to Shopping Pays Off

While you might hope that you are not going to be a part of the accident that requires using your auto insurance, it is crucial to pick the one fitting not only your financial requirements but also your driving style, type of vehicle, frequency, and trip distances. Bear in mind that you need to put your economic well-being first, your other essential needs second, and then balance the costs. Choosing your policy wisely and approaching the process with all the thoroughness guarantee that you will find the most suitable option fast.

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