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November 7, 2023

Just like brick-and-mortar dwellings, homes traveling on the road – and this is what recreational vehicles (RVs) are – require insurance. As an RV owner, you have to research who has the best RV insurance and then pick the plan according to your needs, budget, and risk tolerance.

Just like with real estate, insurance with RVs vary depending on the type of vehicle:

  • Class A: the most expensive and spacious vehicles, such as luxury motor coaches. Coverage for class A vehicles may reach $1500 per year and more.
  • Class B: the most common type of RV, mostly family and vacation-oriented, such as camper vans and travel trailers.
  • Class B+: slightly more spacious than class B, which may appeal to larger families and families with friends.
  • Class C: bigger than class B but with fewer resources than A.

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What Is Rv Insurance and What Does It Cover?

RV insurance is a money-back guarantee of any sudden damage to the vehicle in a fender-bender or an accident. Or if issues arise while the vehicle is resting and not in use.

There are two types of RV coverage: standard and optional.

Standard RV Coverage

  • Body coverage: A damage received on the car’s body hit through your RV during an accident because of the client’s fault.
  • Collision coverage: Any repairs to the RV associated with traffic accidents or general fender-benders, even if the client is at fault.
  • Medical payment: Coverage of the medical bills of the passenger and co-passengers in the RV from injuries sustained in an accident.
  • Comprehensive coverage: Damage to the RV sustained from unpredictable mishaps such as fire, vandalism, theft of parts like side mirrors, or dents from objects rattling against the vehicle.
  • Uninsured coverage: Expenses for the damage caused to your vehicle, the passengers, and co-passengers by someone who does not have insurance and cannot pay for you.
  • Property damage coverage: Implies damage to the vehicle or any other person involved in an accident when you are at fault.
  • Underinsured coverage: This standard RV coverage deals with damage when the at-fault person’s insurance is insufficient.

Optional RV Coverage

  • Campsite liability: The damage and injuries in the at-fault accident if the RV is parked at a designated place.
  • Personal content coverage: It deals with damage to the vehicle’s content.
  • Personal attachment coverage: This coverage deals with damages made to the RV’s upgrades. For example, a satellite dish.
  • Roadside assistance: It implies towing, tire changes, jumpstarts, and other emergency services.
  • Emergency expenses: Any emergency costs, such as hotel stays and transportation to places to and from the RV.
  • Safety glass coverage: Damage to the windshield in an accident or by flying objects such as a rock. 

How much RV insurance cost depends on many factors, but you can always customize your plan based on what you want your RV insurance to cover, your budget, and risk tolerance.

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How Does RV Insurance Work?

RV insurance safeguards the driver by covering expenses that might occur during an accident, including hospital bills, vehicle repairs, installation expenses, and on-the-road repairs.

  • For example, your insurance will pay for the damage within its limits if your RV collides with an uninsured or underinsured vehicle. If the car is totaled, the company will replace it.

In an at-fault accident, the other person will register a claim with your insurance company and pay according to the limit set and the damage.

How Much Does An RV Insurance Cost? 

How expensive RV insurance is has a lot to do with such factors as the vehicle’s make, model, and class, type and amount of insurance, mileage, location, driving record, and deductible (the amount you have to pay before your insurance plan kicks in).

Likewise, the cost of your RV insurance will rise if you include optional coverages, such as roadside assistance or windshield coverage. Typically, RV insurance cost depends on several factors, and here are the most common ones:

  • The condition of the RV: Insurance will cost more if the RV is brand-new and of a recent make and model, with all technological bells and whistles. On the contrary, basic RVs will be cheaper to insure. 

  • Usage: Vacation RVs will likely cost less than RVs insured through homeowners’ insurance. Usually, when an RV is used as a home, more optional insurance is required, such as medical compensation or liability coverage. But when it is treated only as a vacation vehicle, with a proper schedule of the vacation plan, the insurance plans are drafted as per requirement.

  • Location: Crowded locations, places with harsh weather conditions, or those with a high crime rate will increase the cost of RV insurance.

When choosing insurance, the most frequently asked question is, what is the average cost of RV insurance? So, the average price of RV insurance ranges from $500 to $850 per year, which may vary depending on the insured’s age, marital status, gender, credit score, and other factors.

How Much Is RV Insurance per Month?

RV insurance can cost an average of $45 to $85 per month, which may vary depending on multiple factors.

Average RV Insurance Cost per Month




$830 – $116

$41 – $83

$66 – $83

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What is RV insurance?

RV insurance helps you pay for expenses if you suffer a loss or are at fault in an accident that results in injuries or property damage.

Who has the best RV insurance?

The best types of RV insurance are available at good Sam, Roamly, RV insurances.com, and progressive and national general insurance.

How much is RV insurance a month?

Standard RV insurance can cost up to $125 a month.

How much is class C RV insurance?

Class C insurance is up to $800-$1000.

What is vacation liability RV insurance?

Vacation liability RV insurance provides coverage if an incident occurs while the RV is being used as a temporary residence on the premises specified in the policy.

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