Selling a Home in the Pandemic Era: 3 Extra Steps to Consider

September 27, 2023

By Celeste Stewart

The pandemic is no doubt an exciting time for sellers. With high demand and everyone fighting over scarce inventory, selling your home should be easy. However, there are some things you need to think about before putting up that “For Sale” sign. 

Here are three tips to help make your life as a seller easier during this trying time.

1. Follow Pandemic Etiquette

The pandemic has made life difficult for many, and it can also make your attempts to sell a home more complex. Follow pandemic protocols by keeping the premises clean and sanitary. That will not only help you avoid offending prospective buyers but may also reassure them that they’re entering a healthy environment.

You’ll want to be sure to:

  • Disinfect before and after any in-person showings – This is more important than ever due to COVID-19.
  • Provide disposable face masks for in-person showings.
  • Follow social distancing guidelines – This should be easy because, as a general rule, most Realtors will ask clients to vacate the property during showings so buyers can view it in privacy

2. Go Virtual

A virtual tour of your home is always a good idea, and it can be taken at any time. This way, you don’t have to worry about having an open house for prospective buyers to view the property in person. Virtual tours are also great because they allow people who might not otherwise visit your part of town to see all your home offers from the convenience of their own home.

Consider virtual appraisals as well. Other selling tasks that can be handled remotely include negotiations, follow-ups, and closings.

3. Be Flexible and Expect the Unexpected

The unexpected can happen when you least expect it. While the market is extra busy right now with plenty of buyers competing for top homes, it’s still wise to be flexible and ready for anything.

If the deal falls through, you may need to make concessions. In addition to having a list of potential buyers or sellers in case something happens, a good Realtor can help you move past the disappointment of a bad deal.

Your home is the most important investment of your life, and the pandemic adds a new layer of complexity. It might not seem easy to sell your home under these circumstances, but it’s doable as long as you’re prepared. If you follow these steps and remain flexible despite the challenges of the COVID-19 era, selling a home will be easier than you may think.

Marian Sahakyan

Marian Sahakyan is a content writer and a journalism graduate from California State University, Long Beach with a background in marketing as well as UI and UX design. Marian’s previous writing and reporting has been featured in several community newspapers throughout Southern California.