Solar Panel Cleaning Insurance: Reliable Protection for Your Business

May 7, 2024

Solar panels have gained even greater popularity in recent years. Over the past decade alone, solar energy’s average annual growth rate has been 22%. Currently, there are over 179 GW of solar capacity installed in the USA, which is enough to power nearly 33 million homes.

A graph showing the cumulative U.S. solar installations, including residential solar, commercial, community solar, utility, and utility (CSP)

Source: SEIA

Some people choose solar panels to become energy-independent, while others strive to be eco-conscious and utilize renewable power sources.

With the increasing demand for solar panel installations, the demand for maintenance services is also growing. If your company operates in this field, you need to consider solar panel cleaning insurance. But what is solar panel cleaning insurance, and why is it necessary? We’ll discuss this and more in the article.

But before delving into that, let’s understand why regular cleaning of solar installations is so important, what activities it involves, and what risks are associated with this process.

Cleaning Solar Panels on Roof: Necessity or Time Wasted?

The warranty lifespan of solar panels typically ranges from 25 to 30 years. If you neglect to clean your solar panels during this period, the efficiency of the electricity they generate will decrease year by year. Why?

The components of a solar power station interact with the environment. Dust, dirt, chimney soot, bird droppings, leaves, and debris accumulate on the surface of the panels and clog the space between modules, reducing the system’s efficiency.

There is a belief that specialized cleaning of solar panels is unnecessary because rain will wash away all the dirt. However, this belief is mistaken. If the rain is not sufficiently heavy, it won’t clean the surface; rather, it will smear the dirt across the panels, exacerbating the problem. Regular cleaning is especially necessary when the panels are connected sequentially, as the system will operate based on the dirtiest cell. Regular integrity checks of all system elements are crucial for efficiency.

Neglecting panel cleaning recommendations can lead to voiding the warranty, making you liable for any future repair or replacement costs for the panels.

What’s Included in Solar Panel Cleaning Insurance?

Solar panel maintenance is a set of measures aimed at maintaining their efficiency and longevity. This service includes the following procedures:

Cleaning from debrisTo keep the panels clean, it’s usually sufficient to rinse the surface with water and wipe it with a soft brush or sponge a few times a year. If the panels are located near large industrial facilities or roads, the cleaning procedure may need to be repeated more frequently. If there are serious contaminants on the surface, dishwashing detergent, glass cleaner, neutral abrasive powder, or soap are used.
Snow removalThis is relevant for states where heavy snowfall occurs in winter. A thin layer on the surface does not accumulate because the panel releases heat during operation. A soft brush is used to remove the snow cap.
Checking mounting reliabilityDespite the significant weight of the frame, it can be damaged by strong winds. Therefore, it’s necessary to periodically check the bolt fastening and the integrity of the supports.
Inverter checkIf you don’t skimp on the inverter, it will serve you for many years, but you still need to ensure that dust does not accumulate. This is especially true for solar devices located near roads.

Regular maintenance helps minimize the risk of breakdowns and increases the economic benefits of using solar energy.

Possible Risks When Cleaning Solar Installations

Cleaning solar panels can involve various risks, including:

  • Falling from height: Working on the roof or other elevated structures can lead to serious injuries and even death from falls. Statistics show that over 60% of deaths are related to falls from ladders, scaffolds, work platforms, and roofs.
  • Electric shock: Improper approach or mishandling of electrical equipment poses the risk of electric shock.
  • Potential equipment damage: Improper use of cleaning agents or aggressive chemicals can damage the surface of solar panels and reduce their efficiency.

To minimize risks, it is necessary to follow safety rules, adhere to manufacturer instructions, and have insurance to cover emergencies.

What Is Solar Panel Cleaning Insurance?

This type of insurance protects companies or individuals engaged in solar panel maintenance from potential financial losses due to accidents, equipment damage, or lawsuits from clients or third parties.

Coverage includes the following aspects:

Liability insuranceThis is the foundation of any business insurance policy. In solar panel cleaning, liability insurance protects your business from claims by third parties arising from accidents or property damage during cleaning. For example, suppose one of your employees accidentally damages a solar panel during cleaning. In that case, liability insurance will cover repair or replacement costs, saving you from potentially significant financial losses.
Equipment insuranceSpecial equipment is used for cleaning solar panels. Insurance protects your instruments and equipment from damage, theft, or loss. In the event of an insurance claim, the policy will reimburse the repair or replacement of essential equipment, allowing you to continue your operations without significant disruptions.
Business interruption insuranceUnforeseen circumstances can affect business operations. This could be a natural disaster, equipment breakdown, or other unforeseen events. Coverage ensures that you receive compensation for lost income and ongoing expenses during the downtime.

Solar panel cleaning insurance provides peace of mind and confidence that the insurance company will compensate for potential financial losses or risks.

Benefits of Solar Panel Cleaning Insurance

This type of insurance offers several advantages for business owners specializing in solar installation maintenance.

Financial Protection

Properly tailored insurance coverage provides financial protection, reducing risks associated with accidents, damages, or legal liabilities. It shields your business from unforeseen expenses, allowing you to focus on delivering quality cleaning services and expanding your customer base.

Enhanced Company Reputation

Trust in your company is crucial for attracting and retaining clients in a competitive environment. By obtaining solar panel cleaning insurance, you demonstrate professionalism and a responsible approach to business operations. Customers will trust you because having insurance reflects your commitment to providing trustworthy and high-quality services.

Peace of Mind

Running a business always involves some level of risk. With insurance coverage, you can have peace of mind knowing you are protected. Instead of constantly worrying about potential accidents, equipment damages, or legal issues, you can focus on growing your business.

How To Choose Solar Panel Cleaning Insurance

The level of protection for your business depends on the policy you choose, so it’s essential to approach this matter seriously.

Evaluate Your Company’s Needs

Consider factors such as the cost of your equipment, the size of your operations, and the potential risks you may face. This assessment will help you understand the type and extent of insurance coverage needed to protect your business.

Research Insurance Providers

Look for insurance companies specializing in solar panel insurance. Examine their reputation, financial stability, and customer reviews to ensure they have solid experience in both solar installation insurance and related fields. Collaborating with reliable insurers guarantees you quality coverage and exceptional service.

Compare Coverage Options and Costs

Obtain quotes from multiple insurers and compare coverage options and associated costs. Pay attention to policy conditions, exclusions, and any additional options. It’s essential to find a balance between comprehensive coverage and affordability. Remember that the cheapest option may not provide a comprehensive level of protection.

Seek Professional Consultation

Consult with an agent or broker experienced in solar panel installer insurance and insurance for those who service them. They will help you understand the intricacies of different policies, assess your risks, and provide valuable recommendations for making an informed decision.

Wrapping Up

Solar panel cleaning insurance is invaluable for businesses operating in the solar panel maintenance sector. By obtaining this policy, you’ll gain numerous significant advantages:

  • Reliable protection for your business from financial losses
  • Enhanced company reputation
  • Peace of mind

Evaluate your company’s needs, research information about reputable insurers, compare coverage options, and choose reliable and advantageous insurance. With solar panel cleaning insurance, you can confidently grow your business in the solar panel servicing industry, minimizing risks and maximizing opportunities for success.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is solar panel cleaning insurance?

This insurance protects against potential losses associated with cleaning solar panels.

What risks does solar panel cleaning insurance cover?

The policy covers risks related to panel damage during cleaning, worker injuries, and potential losses due to downtime resulting from unforeseen circumstances.

How much does solar panel cleaning insurance cost?

The cost of solar panel cleaning insurance depends on various factors:
– Policy of the insurance company
– Additional coverage options
– Types of risks covered by the insurance
To get accurate pricing, contact your insurance provider.

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