5 Benefits of Joining a Professional Insurance Association

January 28, 2022

You’ve put in the hard work to start your own insurance agency. You have customers who trust you and who give you repeat business. You don’t have many employees, but you have capable and competent producers and support staff on your team.

Could you still be missing a critical factor for your continued success? Here’s something to consider: Peer to peer contact with other agents, which helps you make business to business contact with new customers, can make a big difference in your bottom line. Here are five ways that joining an insurance association can help you grow your business.

Technical Support

Most independent insurance agencies are not big enough to have their own IT specialist. They don’t have the budget to hire a full-time cybersecurity analyst to keep confidential information safe. And even the most seasoned insurance professionals sometimes need management advice.

Your insurance association can provide you with affordable access to just the level of technical, software, and cybersecurity support you need. Your insurance association will save you the hassle of hiring consultants and provide quality assistance at a lower cost.

Legal Support

Sometimes insurance agencies need answers to legal questions, and they need them now. Your insurance association can get your answer through their legal hotline. They can also provide you with forms and templates that you can use to create your own legal documents vetted by a practicing attorney specializing in insurance.

Hiring Support

Insurance associations give you a great opportunity to network with potential hires. You can get to know future associates informally before you need to hire, and they approach you with resume in hand. Insurance association networking, job postings, and referrals can help you find employees who are a perfect match to your agency.


Conferences help keep you from getting into a rut with your sales techniques. They help you understand developments in the law, new technology, and new insurance products. And they give you a chance to get away for a fresh perspective that energizes you to push toward your goals.

Professional Discounts

Most of us have multiple affinity cards that we use in everyday life. Your insurance association can give you discounts on state-mandated continuing education and many of the day to day purchases you make to keep your business going.

Whether your agency is large or small, you need to connect to other insurance professionals to keep going and growing. Joining an insurance association can help you provide greater service and earn higher profits while giving you recognition in your profession.

Author: Robert S Rister

Marian Sahakyan

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