US & UK Horse Insurance Guide 2022

April 25, 2023

Whether you are a competitive rider, an amateur equestrian, or just a happy owner of a stud, you must have encountered a brain-bending process when shopping for horse insurance. The oldest type of pet insurance, horse insurance is available in so many types and forms that you need extensive knowledge and expertise to choose the right policy – or you can use this all-encompassing guide on equine insurance.

Let’s see what options you have in the UK and US.

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Basic Horse Insurance Coverage in the UK & US

Plan Coverage, up to the limits of the policy
Horse Mortality Insurance (Death or Slaughter) Death caused by disease, illness, or injury, as well as theft and straying
Short-Term Mortality Death within 30 days or other specific timeframe
Renewal Coverage Mortality coverage cannot be denied upon renewal due to a condition that has appeared and has been reported during the duration of the policy
Theft or Straying Theft or straying
Medical & Surgical Medical and surgical services
Equine Transit International transit
Loss of Use (Disability) A percentage of the mortality cost – usually 60% to 100% – if the horse is disabled due to injury, illness, disease, or accident
Permanent infertility Permanent infertility caused by a disease, sickness, or accident
Expected or Guaranteed Foal Short-term or long-term foaling coverage

Optional Horse Insurance Coverage in the UK & US

Plan Coverage, up to the limits of the policy
Horse Liability Damages to third parties and costs arising from the use of the horse
Personal Accident Death, disablement, loss of sight, loss of hearing, and loss of limbs
Veterinary Fees (Vet Insurance) Vet treatment: physiotherapy, hydrotherapy, ultrasound, shoeing, etc.
Dental Coverage Dental treatment
Stable Coverage Damage to the stable, or if the stable is destroyed
Colic Coverage Costs of colic surgery

The division between basic and optional coverage is conditional and entirely depends on the provider. Optional benefits can be included in a basic plan and vice versa, so you have to thoroughly research plans before taking action.

What and How Much Horse Insurance Do I Need?

When choosing between different policies, take into account the value of your horse, their health, age, usage, as well as your risk tolerance, and whether the insurer is licensed in your state. For example, if you own a valuable stud, then you will likely need both mortality and medical insurance.

Note, however, that you shouldn’t choose the policy based on price alone. Consider these factors:

  • Covered activities and the amount of coverage
  • Age limit: the minimum and maximum age at which the policy provides coverage
  • Premium: amount; flat or percentage
  • Deductible: the sum you have to pay out of pocket before the policy covers the rest

Balancing these factors will help you choose the right policy.

horse insurance 2022

Exclusions from Horse Insurance Policies

The most common exclusions are preexisting conditions, age, medical prerequisites, and hospitalization. Also, there might be a 14-day exclusion period, which is the period from the inception of cover, during which the horse is not covered.

What Horses Can Be Covered?

All breeds can be covered. However, the available coverage and its price vary depending on the breed and multiple other factors, such as the horse’s age, health, use, and more.

Can I Insure Horse Equipment?

Yes, you can insure your horse equipment with saddlery and tack coverage. This coverage will pay the cost of saddlery and tack if the equipment is damaged, lost, stolen, or destroyed. Note, however, that most saddlery and tack plans won’t cover wear and tear.

What If I Take Out a Loan On a Horse?

If you take out a loan on a horse, then you have to make sure that the existing coverage (if any) is enough. If the horse is not covered, then you can buy the coverage you need. Otherwise, you may suffer unnecessary financial losses – for example, if the horse needs vet treatment, but it doesn’t have the respective coverage.

How Much Is Horse Insurance in 2022?

The average cost of horse insurance in the UK is around £30 per month. The average cost of horse insurance in the U.S. is around $25 per month.

However, the real cost of equine insurance depends on the horse’s breed, age, health, gender, use (different activities bear different risks), value, as well as the type of policy. For example, the annual cost of mortality coverage is up to 4% of the horse’s value.

Best Horse Insurance Companies in the United States

Company Plans
ASPCA: most affordable coverage
  • Colic, accident, and illness
Blue Bridle: all-encompassing coverage with proven track records; licensed in most states
  • Surgical and colic
  • Major medical
  • Medical assistance
  • Accident and illness
  • Territory extension and air transit
Broadstone Equine Insurance Agency: extensive coverage with educational materials
  • Mortality
  • Major medical
  • Veterinary services
  • Medical assistance
  • Surgical
Kay Cassell Equine Insurance: the broadest choice of coverage
  • Mortality
  • Major Medical
  • Surgical
  • Colic
  • Loss of use
  • Theft
  • Lease
  • Short-term
  • Stallion infertility
  • Broodmare
  • Prospective foal
  • Transportation

Best Horse Insurance Companies in the United Kingdom

Company Plans
Animal Friends: flexible and affordable coverage
  • Horse & Rider
  • Standard
  • Mature
  • Rider
  • Foal
The Insurance Emporium: the most extensive coverage on the European market
  • Standard: death, theft, or straying
  • Optional: vet’s fees, transportation, European use, disposal costs, hire of horse, saddlery & tack, loss of use, public liability, rescue costs, personal accident, and dental treatment
Harry Hall: extensive coverage with membership bonuses
  • Public liability & personal accident
  • Affiliated rider
  • Horse trailer
  • Vet fees
  • Colic
  • Tack & disposal
Petplan Equine: time-tested coverage with transparent limits
  • Veterinary fees
  • Third-party liability
  • Personal accident
  • Permanent loss of use
  • Disposal
  • Saddlery and Track
  • Trailer or horse-drawn vehicle

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