Allstate Insurance 2023: Review And Facts

The third-largest auto insurer in the United States, Allstate is an insurance company that offers all types of coverage, from auto to homeowners to life insurance to less popular plans such as pet or boat insurance.

However, Allstate isn’t the cheapest insurance provider by any stretch of the imagination. While offering flexible policies and quite a few auto and homeowners insurance discounts, Allstate is pretty expensive, which makes insurance seekers think twice about whether the quality justifies the price.

Is Allstate insurance worth your money? Let’s find out with our review.

About Allstate Insurance

Today, Allstate boasts ever-growing revenues, stability, and a broad choice of insurance plans. But it all started from a bridge game in 1930 when Carl L. Odell came up with the idea to sell auto insurance by mail. Then, on April 17, 1931, Sears, the former parent company of the Allstate Corporation, started offering auto insurance by mail and through its catalog.

In 1993, as a result of a spin-off, Allstate became a publicly-traded company, with its IPO being the largest in the history of the United States at that time. Two years later, the carrier became independent from Sears while still being committed to providing quality insurance across major insurance verticals.

What Does Allstate Offer In 2023?

Allstate offers auto, home, business, life, and other types of insurance, each of which has multiple sub-types. The insurance provider operates in all states through a broad agent network.

Allstate Auto Insurance 2023

Allstate auto insurance encompasses every existing type of car insurance, making it possible to get personalized coverage and significant bonuses.

Types Of Coverage

  • Collision – damage or destruction to the policyholder’s car caused by a collision or road accident
  • Comprehensive – damage to the policyholder’s car caused by hail, theft, vandalism, fallen trees, etc
  • Liability – bodily injury or property damage caused by the policyholder
  • Medical payments – the policyholder’s and passengers’ medical expenses
  • Uninsured & underinsured motorist – bodily injury or property damage sustained by the policyholder if the at-fault driver is not insured
  • Custom equipment – replacement of damaged or stolen equipment installed by the manufacturer of the auto
  • Roadside – towing, fueling, and other expenses incurred from the policyholder’s disabled vehicle
  • Personal injury – injuries sustained by the policyholder in an accident
  • Personal umbrella – extended liability coverage
  • Rental reimbursement – renting a vehicle while the policyholder’s car is being repaired

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The average annual cost of Allstate auto insurance is $1,000, which is higher than Progressive, State Farm, Nationwide, GEICO, Liberty Mutual, USAA, and other auto insurers.

The real cost of Allstate’s auto insurance depends on the state of residence, auto, history of claims, and the type and amount of coverage. Also, Allstate offers more than a dozen discounts, which can be used to reduce the policyholder’s premium.


There are multiple ways to save with Allstate, so almost every driver can qualify for a discount.

  • Anti-lock brake – for equipping the car with anti-lock brakes
  • Anti-theft device – for equipping the car with an anti-theft device
  • Multiple policy – for having multiple policies with Allstate
  • Early signing – for signing the policy 7 or more days in advance
  • Responsible payer – for not having a cancellation notice in the past year
  • New car – for being the first owner of the car (current or the previous model year)
  • EZ pay plan – for paying premiums automatically
  • Allstate eSmart – for signing the policy electronically
  • FullPay discount – for paying for the policy upfront in full
  • Smart student – for unmarried students under the age of 25 who meet one of the following requirements:
    • Maintain B- or higher average (GPA of 2.7 or higher)
    • Complete the teenSMART driver education program
    • Attend a school located 100 or more miles away from where the car is garaged
  • Safe driving – for meeting the requirements of the club

Allstate Health Insurance 2023

Allstate provides group health coverage and supplementary plans.

Types Of Coverage

  • Group health coverage:
  • Supplementary coverage (extra coverage):
    • Accident – accidental injuries (lacerations, broken bones, etc.)
    • Critical illness – organ transplantation, strokes, heart attacks, coronary surgeries, etc
    • Hospital Indemnity – medical stay costs
    • Cancer – surgeries, chemotherapies, hospital stays, and associated treatment
    • Disability – off-the-job injuries resulting in particular, concurrent, recurrent, or total disability
    • Dental – X-rays, cleaning, oral exams, anesthesia, screening, orthodontics, etc
    • Vision – contacts, glasses, checkups, etc


There is no data on the average Allstate health insurance cost because of the diversity of health insurance plans. However, the average annual cost of health insurance in the United States is $7,911.

The real cost of Allstate’s health insurance depends on the policyholder’s state of residence, type of community, age, gender, medical history, pre-existing conditions, and the type and amount of coverage.

Allstate Life Insurance 2023

Life Insurance Types, Options Meanings - 6

Allstate has enough life insurance options to fit your needs, including flexible term life insurance and permanent life insurance coverage. All plans work the same way: upon the death of the policyholder, the beneficiary receives a death benefit.

Types Of Coverage

  • Term life – low-cost insurance for 10 to 40 years; doesn’t build cash value*
    • Features: tax-free death benefit; flexible policy length; affordability; can be easily converted to whole life insurance
  • Universal life – whole life flexible insurance; builds cash value
    • Features: death benefit protection, flexibility, and expanded cash value options
  • Variable universal life – whole life insurance with investment options; builds cash value
    • Features: the broadest range of investment options and no limits on cash value
  • Whole life – whole life insurance with fixed premiums; builds cash value
    • Features: death benefit protection, guaranteed cash value, and the ability to earn benefits

*Cash value is the policyholder’s savings fund that can be withdrawn or borrowed against.


The average monthly cost of Allstate term life insurance for 20 years and $250,000 worth of coverage is $15.

The real cost of Allstate life insurance depends on the type and amount of coverage, as well as the policyholder’s age, gender, health, history of claims, family history, and other individual factors.

Allstate Homeowners Insurance 2023

Allstate homeowners insurance includes coverage for condos, renters, landlords, floods, and personal umbrella insurance, all being flexible enough to find the right balance between the premium, deductible, and amount of coverage.

Basic Homeowners Coverage

  • Dwelling – the physical structure of the policyholder’s home
  • Personal property – the belongings of the policyholder
  • Liability – damage or injuries sustained by a third party on the policyholder’s property
  • Guest medical protection – medical bills if a third party is injured on the policyholder’s property

Optional Homeowners Coverage

  • Personal umbrella – extra liability coverage
  • Manufactured (mobile) home – coverage of the policyholder’s manufactured or mobile home
  • HostAdvantage – the policyholder’s belongings while home-sharing
  • Water backup – water damage caused by the policyholder’s sump pump breaking
  • Flood – purchased through the NFIP
  • Business property – theft of business items
  • Scheduled personal property – valuable personal belongings (for example, antiques)
  • Sports equipment – ski equipment, gold equipment, etc
  • Green improvement – damaged or destroyed energy-efficient items
  • Yard and garden – landscaping, trees, lawnmowers, etc
  • Electronic data – personal computer data
  • Musical instruments – violins, guitars, etc
  • Identity theft – lost wager, legal fees, etc. if the policyholder’s identity is stolen

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With the average annual premium for homeowners insurance being $1,650, Allstate is one of the cheapest homeowners insurance companies in the United States. It is more affordable than Nationwide, Farmers, and USAA.


  • Multi-policy – up to 25% off for bundling homeowners and auto policies
  • Responsible payment – for spotless payment history
  • Claim-free – up to 20% off for switching to Allstate while having no recent home insurance claims
  • Welcome – up to 10% off for switching to Allstate
  • Homebuyer – for buying a newly constructed home
  • Easy Pay – up to 5% off for automatic payments
  • Protective device – for installing fire and theft protection devices
  • Early signing – up to 10% off for signing the policy seven or more days in advance

Allstate Pet Insurance 2023

Like most other insurance providers, Allstate provides the same coverage for cats and dogs.

What Is Covered by Allstate Pet Insurance?

  • Genetic conditions
  • Accidents, diseases, and illnesses
  • Medications
  • Laboratory work and diagnostics (MRIs, X-rays, etc.)
  • Nursing care, hospitalization, and surgery
  • Cancer and chemotherapy
  • Hydrotherapy, acupuncture, and other alternative therapies
  • Diabetes, allergies, and chronic conditions

What Is Typically Excluded From Allstate Pet Insurance Coverage?

  • Pre-existing conditions
  • Ear cropping, declawing, and other elective and cosmetic procedures
  • Breeding, pregnancy, and whelping
  • Behavioral and orthodontic treatment
  • Foods, supplements, vitamins, and personal care items


The monthly cost of pet insurance in the United States ranges from a few dollars up to $100. The average monthly cost of Allstate pet insurance is $15 to $24 for cats and $23 to $48 for dogs.

The real cost of Allstate pet insurance depends on the pet’s age, pedigree, health condition, and the type and amount of coverage.

Pros And Cons Of Allstate Insurance


  • Flexible insurance options
  • Discounts for auto and homeowners insurance
  • Bundled policies


  • Average customer satisfaction rates
  • Bloated prices for some types of insurance
  • Lack of discounts for some insurance plans

Allstate Customer Satisfaction Rating

The independent ratings from S&P, J.D Power, Moody’s, and BBB rate Allstate as an average insurance company in terms of customer satisfaction and prices. For example, J.D. Power gives Allstate auto insurance 861 out of 1,000 points for auto insurance shopping and 853 out of 1,000 for satisfaction with auto insurance claims.

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But then again, the ratings are different for different types of insurance, so it would be a mistake to generalize. You have to proceed considering your demands, risk tolerance, and budget.

Allstate Insurance Complaints

To file a complaint, comment, or feedback, submit the contact form on this webpage. Alternatively, you can use this Agent Locator to email your Allstate agent, or you can call 800-255-7828.

Working At Allstate

Allstate scores the following ratings according to over 8,700 reviews on Indeed (out of 5):

  • Work-life balance – 3.6
  • Pay & benefits – 3.4
  • Job security & advancement – 3.2
  • Management – 3.3
  • Culture – 3.5

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