What is California Insurance?

When it comes to picking a health plan, Californians can pick between different options that are most suitable for them. While Medi-Cal provides low-cost, or, in some cases, even free health coverage to California residents who qualify for the program, Covered California acts as an insurance marketplace where customers can choose a health plan. Likewise, Medi-Cal is meant for residents with limited income, while Covered California enables Californians to shop around and apply for financial assistance if they are qualified for it.

What Does California Insurance cover?

Insurance plans that are exclusive to California residents provide the same level of coverage as in other states. However, some unique limitations can apply. For example, California is undoubtedly a high-risk state for both earthquakes and forest fires. Most of the real-estate insurance coverage plans provide reimbursement in case of a fire or an earthquake.Alternatively, Californians can choose health insurance policies that can range from group to individual and family plans. The main difference here is that a group plan is often purchased by an employer, whereas the individual and family options are bought outside an association.

How Much Is California Insurance?

Health insurance plans can vary greatly in price, when it comes to buying health insurance in California. While the national average for health coverage is close to $500 a month for a 40-year old person, in California, you would be expected to pay up to $588 a month, or about $7,000 a year for health insurance. On the other hand, drivers pay up to $172 a month for car insurance or close to $2,065 per year for full car coverage according to Bankrate. Although it is quite pricey, compared to other states, slightly different rules apply for California residents since full coverage in the Golden State includes collision, comprehensive, and liability insurance.